Enjoy the days of summer on a lounge or lounge chair (especially one that comes with free shipping )

Posted on Aug 11 2014 - 6:15pm by FlavorGuy

This isn’t a typo – our Natural Bamboo and Rattan Chaise Lounge and Natural Rattan Chair are being offered with FREE SHIPPING!  Most of us work through the summer with little or no time off for relaxation.  This means every moment we have to relax becomes very important.  Full relaxation isn’t something we should have to work for too.  Knowing this, Nature’s Flavors is offering FREE SHIPPING on two of our exceptional products!

Natural Bamboo and Rattan Chaise Lounge

Natural Rattan Lounge Chair

Natural Bamboo and Rattan Chaise Lounge

Natural Bamboo and Rattan Chaise Lounge

We are offering our Natural Bamboo and Rattan Chaise Lounge and our Natural Rattan Lounge Chair for a limited time with FREE SHIPPING, as long as supplies last. This furniture won’t last long, so don’t delay in placing your order.  Much of the outdoor furniture available today is made from wicker, plastic or some other synthetic material.  The longevity of those products is short because of the inferior materials used; they can’t stand the wear or the test of time.  Our furniture is rattan, the strongest wood available.  Rattan is solid wood.  The bed of our lounge is solid rattan, so it provides a very study, solid base.  Bamboo is a green “eco-friendly” product because it is sustainable; it grows like a week, growing faster than most hardwoods.  Bamboo is durable, strong and resists swelling and shrinking.

Ever bought something, only to get it home and then have to work for hours trying to assemble it?  Our lounge comes fully assembled.  All you have to do is unfold it and relax in it!  All you need for the chair is to put in two screws and you’re done.

The first product, our Natural Bamboo and Rattan Chaise Lounge, generously measures  69” long, 23” wide, and 19 ½” high.  Most other lounges are 60-63” long, only 21” wide and only about 12” from the ground.  Our lounge comes with a canvas pillow that is 23 ½” wide, 7” deep, and 4” in depth.  An added bonus for the lounge is that it folds into a rectangle box-like shape making storage easy.  Folded it also serves as a table, a perfect place for your drinks next to your companion chair.

The second featured product is our Natural Rattan Lounge Chair.  Thischair iscomfortable and beautiful and wider (22 ½”) than most lounge chairs (20”).

These are very high-quality products that will give you years of enjoyment and relaxation.  Either or both of these would also make exceptional gifts that you will be proud to give. Take advantage of this FREE SHIPPING offer before supplies run out and purchase the Natural Rattan Lounge Chair, or the Natural Bamboo and Rattan Chaise Lounge today!