Handy, dandy cotton candy sale! July 31-August 3 – 50% off!

Posted on Aug 1 2014 - 4:18pm by FlavorGuy

That’s right; everything that has cotton candy in its name is on July 31 through August 3, for 50% off! When we say everything, we mean everything – and that’s quite a bit because Nature’s Flavors carries hundreds of items with cotton candy in their name. For example, we have concentrates, flavor oils, extracts, syrups, sugars, powders, floss sugars, candy oils, candy packs, and more.

You have a party coming up and you really want to offer cotton candy for your guests, but you don’t have a cotton candy machine, what do you do? You rent one! There are numerous sites online that specialize in party rentals and carry cotton candy machines. Their prices are extremely reasonable. And, if you have your own product for the machine, you will save money. What better time for this than now!

You don’t have to limit yourself to using Cotton Candy products in the summer; you can use them throughout the year. Our cotton candy flavorings and extracts and oils are excellent to add to your baking and cooking adventures. Think cupcakes, frostings, cakes, cookies, bars, ice cream, cotton candy popsicles (all you need is water and the syrup), the list is endless. One of my blogs was entitled, Cooking With Candy, where I explained how we use our Organic Cotton Flavor Extract to make popcorn balls – a fun way to indulge without all that sugar. For you DIY experts, you know how easy it is to make your own soap, bath oil, perfumes, and candles. Our Cotton Candy Flavor Oils and Extracts will give you that soft sweet smell you are looking to achieve in all these products. For those of you looking to use the Organic Cotton Candy Extract in a more grown-up way, just add a few drops (to taste) to cranberry juice and vodka along with your ice.

Take advantage of this handy, dandy cotton candy sale – 50% off sale July 31 through August 3! Use the code word: candy at checkout! If you’re like me, the more you use Cotton Candy flavorings, powders, etc. the more ways you will find to use them. Check out all our cotton candy products today at www.naturesflavors.com.