Project (Recycling) Runway – and the winner is……!

Posted on Jul 23 2014 - 6:48pm by FlavorGuy

Taking the idea of recycling to heart a Mt. San Jacinto College class held Project (Recycling) Runway yesterday. As part of a class assignment to persuade, the students used Nature’s Flavors packing material and packing tape to create their fashion designs. The groups worked together creating, planning and implementing their designs for a runway presentation. They had access to an “accessory table” which included only recyclable items, of flowers, tissue paper and ribbons.

Each group sent their model to the runway wearing their finished product. The designers later joined their model on the runway to explain their inspiration and to try and persuade the judges to choose them as the runway favorite.

Mt Jacinto College-45


Mt Jacinto College-42


Mt Jacinto College-31

Four designs were presented. The first creation was a Night on the Prairie by Crystal, Monica, Kevin, Jason and modeled by Jasmine. This design was a strapless corset made with the packing material which was interwoven with tissue, attached to a skirt of ribbon over a layer of tissue.

Another design was Tropical Breeze-Breathable by Sarah, Ramiro, David, Celestial and modeled by Mirian. This two piece ensemble, embellished with flowers, included a hat and was made using mainly the recycled packing material.

The third group presented Summer Lounge Wear by Lila, Brit, Jason, Katie and modeled by Tahme. This group’s two piece outfit and hat featured a “surprise” item which was a pair of stylish sandals made by using a double layer of packing material and yellow ribbon.

Mt Jacinto College-33


Mt Jacinto College-11


Mt Jacinto College-9

The last group used a Summer Bride as their theme. Their bridal dress featured a packing material bodice, a pale green ribbon at the waist with bow in the back and a flowing skirt of white tissue. The “bride” carried pink tissue flowers made by Josh with other designers Marili, and Katie and was modeled by Isabel.

Mt Jacinto College-40


Mt Jacinto College-44


Mt Jacinto College-7

The winning creation was Summer Bride. It is hard to belief that this beautiful dress was made of packing material. I couldn’t bear to recycle this beautiful dress, so its home with me, hanging on the wall so I can remember this day. I enjoyed watching energetic college students’ work with plain, brown, shredded packing material turn out four different outfits, showcasing their creative talents. I was amazed to see how they were able to recycle plain cardboard packing material turned into four beautiful outfits.

Think of the endless ways you could reuse this packing material. Either around your home or in class room projects similar to this one. Our goal is to take care of the planet so it can continue to take care of us. Let us know how you are recycling the packing material.

Thank you Mt. San Jacinto College Public Speaking students for demonstrating once again, our future is in your hands and in your creative minds.